Kenex Stencils was established in 1977 by Allan P. Roach and his partner in North Ryde, Sydney NSW and predominantly supplied stencils within the printing industry, but later expanded to also supply products to timber mills within NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

In 1995 Allan’s son, Warwick Roach, joined the company and developed a line marking division which now provides the company with its largest turnover.

Kenex Stencils today focuses on safety line marking in factories, complete basement packages including cleaning, scrubbing, line marking and sealing, shopping centre car parks, schools, and minor road works such as bus lanes.

We offer a range of additional services such as surface cleaning and preparation, sealing, hardware installation and and all our line marking products are RMS approved.

We also specialise in our own range of long life products which we are exclusively licenced to giving us control over quality and supply.
These products are highly successful in factory environments and within councils for bike/bus lanes as it outlasts standard line marking paints and has a very fast cure time.


To Provide Safety, Efficiency and Compliance


To be a trusted and national industry leader, innovators and setting a new
standard. To be an employer of choice with a values aligned team who have opportunities for


  • We are Open, Honest & Authentic
  • We are Respectful & Inclusive towards each other
  • We Do what we Say we will do
  • We are Reliable & Dependable
  • We are Courageous – Always striving to be Better
  • We take Pride in our work
  • We have Strong Work Ethics
  • We are Trustworthy
  • We Communicate Clearly
  • We show Attention to Detail
  • We Work Safe – Always
  • We are Self-Aware, always looking
    for ways to Improve
  • EGO is not part of the Kenex Team!



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