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Marking the difference

With more than 30 years of experience delivering line marking projects, trust Kenex Stencils to deliver quality line marking on time and budget for your line marking services needs.

Line marking contractors range from long standing companies to start ups and one man bands, and whilst they can probably all get the job done, there are some important points to consider if you want to minimise any issues when it comes to safety line marking.

Unlike other trades such as plumbing or electrical, line markers aren’t required to hold any particular qualifications, skills or training when it comes to safety line marking. Apart from a white card for construction sites, there isn’t even a requirement for any safety or WHS training.

This serves many clients well as their needs may be simple and small. However, if you are managing assets and human resources, you want to ensure your line marking contractor is fully versed in their WHS obligations.

Pricing can be a deciding factor when choosing a line marking contractor but as with everything, you get what you pay for, right? When choosing which company to complete your line marking, there are a few basics we suggest you could consider:

Knowledge & Experience

As training and knowledge only comes from training on the job, the last thing you want is a new contractor using your worksite or property as a training ground. Incorrect measurements, amateur line finishes, machine faults, paint spills, and work which is not compliant are all things you should not have to worry about.

Find a contractor who is well versed and experienced to tailor their services to your needs. Line marking differs across a range of industries including carparks, warehouses, schools and shopping centres. A line marker who can deliver quality work across any industry can help provide you with the extra security that they have the knowledge and experience of dealing with your needs.


Fostering a safe environment for all parties involved is key in ensuring safety from the start of your line marking to long after it has been completed. Some essential safety requirements you need to ensure your line marker meets are:

  • Is the contractor aware of their safety and compliance requirements?
  • Are they wearing the correct PPE and keeping the work safe for your employees while working on your site?
  • Do they have appropriate insurance to cover their works and employees?
  • Do workers on your site have working rights in Australia?
  • Are workers bound by safe drug and alcohol policies?
  • Do they have relevant products and application methods suited to your industry?


Is the company giving a warranty going to be around to see out their warranty period? Some line marking paints such as Long Life CAP are designed to last a minimum of five years, but it means nothing if the warrantor isn’t long standing and doesn’t plan to be.

If you are unsure of the answers to the above or are answering “NO” to any of these questions, you may have to reconsider who you have engaged for your line marking project.

Certainly, not all goes to plan on any project – does your line marking contractor know how to troubleshoot when things go wrong?

A great way to give certainty is to ask your contractor for some case studies on previous projects dating beyond their warranty period and referees you can check in on for satisfaction of works.

To be sure you’ve chosen the right line marking company, ensure you feel confident in all the above. Your line marking project is a long-term investment and at the very least, you want to ensure you have engaged a top contractor to get this done for you.

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