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Marking the difference

With more than 30 years of experience delivering line marking projects, trust Kenex Stencils to deliver quality line marking on time and budget for your line marking services needs.

There are lots of reasons why businesses might consider bringing certain operations in-house. Depending on what those operational functions involve, there can sometimes be cost savings when using your existing team. We have spoken with businesses who have considered this for their warehouse cleaning in NSW and QLD. But when it comes to the mechanical sweeping and scrubbing of warehouse floors, there are many things to consider.

  • Availability of equipment, such as the hire of mechanical sweeping and scrubbing machines and pressure washers. We know for a fact that in NSW and QLD, during peak cleaning periods, this equipment is in high demand.
  • Given demand can be high for mechanical sweeper and scrubbers, so too can hiring costs. This often doesn’t include the cost to transport the machinery to and from your plant.
  • The high cost to hire sweeping and scrubber machines from general equipment hire companies does not include operators, therefore your own labour costs must be factored into your price comparison. Make sure you factor in time spent troubleshooting issues that can arise when operators are not familiar with the type of machinery hired.
  • Adequate operator training is generally lacking when it comes to the hiring of equipment. Any experienced operator will tell you it can take time to master correct usage of this specialized cleaning machinery.
  • There are no guarantees that periodic maintenance has been carried out on the cleaning equipment you’re hiring, which can make them prone to breakdowns and potential damage. This could result in additional costs to you if the damage can not be linked to the lack of adequate maintenance but rather operator misuse/error.
  • There are also no guarantees of a quality end result – this can be one of the biggest unknowns when it comes to bringing your warehouse floor cleaning inhouse. Given the expenses incurred, quality assurance is compromised when there are multiple contributing factors at play.

When you outsource your warehouse and factory floor cleaning, there are certain things you can expect as part of your service agreement with an outsourced provider. These include:

  • No surprises when it comes to costs. The ability to work within your budget is so much easier with an agreed upon price and scope of works. This price includes:
    • Hire of equipment
    • Hire of an operator
    • Transporting the equipment to and from your plant
    • Preventative maintenance on all equipment
    • A mix of equipment to suit specific site needs
  • Flexibility to work around your existing workforce, without the need to take anyone out of your team to operate the sweeping and scrubbing machinery. This means your business remains operational and productive while you achieve your cleaning goals.
  • Guaranteed quality result – If you have chosen a provider with a reputation for having high standards and high quality workmanship, this will be apparent in the end result. The work will also come with a guarantee.
  • Set and forget as part of your regular maintenance program – When you engage a provider to carry out periodic cleaning for your warehouse or factory, they will ensure everything is organized on your behalf.

On the face of it, when crunching the numbers, carrying out your warehouse and factory cleaning inhouse may appear to be comparable to outsourcing. However it’s the hidden risks that result in increased costs and time leakage that make this a less attractive and less beneficial option.

So if you find yourself currently looking for solutions to your commercial cleaning in Sydney, industrial warehouse cleaning in Brisbane, perhaps even an expansion to your line marking maintenance program, contact our team for a free consultation and to discuss your specific needs.





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