If you are looking for line marking or demarcations which are environmentally friendly and safe to use around food and consumables, your common line marking paints and sealers may not fit the bill.

If consumables are part of your operations, you may want to consider an option which is:-


Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are organic chemicals that have high vapour pressure at room temperature and are responsible for the odour of scents and pollutants. Some VOCs are dangerous to human health and/or can cause harm to the environment and precious consumables.

Low Odour

Strong paint fumes and odours can destroy stock by permeating through packaging and storage areas. If your goods are stored in a safe and sealed environment, you won’t want powerful paint odours trapped in your storage areas and ventilation system.

Environmentally Friendly

Many lines marking paints and sealers have been developed on solvent components which bring us back to points 1. & 2. above. For environments containing consumables, a water-based solution is the best option and only requires water for clean up. No nasty chemicals and so much better for our environment.


If you truly want to be environmentally friendly and at the same time minimise the disruption to your business, you want to align yourself with a product with is going to be long lasting. The vibrant colours which are chosen to stand out as safety alerts also need to be colourfast and long-lasting.

This means you won’t be re-marking at short intervals due to the product not lasting and less energy, product, clean up required equalling energy efficiency.

Hard Wearing

If you are going to the trouble to ensure your workspace is environmentally friendly and long-lasting, you will want it to be hard-wearing. Hard-wearing will withstand heavy-duty traffic such as forklifts and other goods handling equipment.

In Summary

If you are in the consumables industry and require line marking or any type of surface coating, you will certainly want to look at food safe and environmentally friendly options which won’t contaminate any of your products.

Don’t despair, these products actually exist.

At Kenex Linemarking, this is one area we have been working on for years. We are innovators in our space and have worked closely with our paint partners to develop products which are low VOC, environmentally friendly, practical, hardy and futuristic.

Our paint products and process are designed to have zero impact on precious food items in storage and at the same time ensure the line marking remains vibrant, clean and not attract forklift rubber.

Take a look at a recent project completed in a Sydney chocolate distribution centre


Get in touch today to find out more on how we can bring an environmentally friendly line marking solution to you.





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