We learned a lot about keeping in close contact with team members while being socially distanced from them.

As many of them were either in lockdown, waiting for covid-19 test results or vaccination dates, they were forced to stay at home and not come to work, and so we had to get creative about keeping everyone engaged and connected.

Here are our Top 5 proven tips for keeping your team engaged while keeping your distance:

  1. Regular Zoom catch ups with the whole team – we find regular video calls are a great way to connect and keep spirits high. Even “after work drinks” are still possible from the comfort of your own home.
  2. Offer fun team incentives, competitions or register for online events – we love this free Wheel of Names website and the chance to giveaway some prizes, such as supermarket vouchers. Our team also registered for online presentations / webinars to help with any personal challenges they might have been dealing with, and also to provide ongoing education and development in a fun and engaging way.
  3. Share the things you’re grateful for – this is a great piece of advice we’ve taken onboard to help keep things in perspective. Focus on the positives, no matter how tough things may seem.
  4. Use a messaging platform, such as Microsoft Teams or a Facebook Group / Messenger, to stay connected – we chat online daily with our team members as if they were in the next room. This helps us continue to share ideas, check in on our peers and enjoy a bit of healthy office banter. It can also help to keep communication clear.
  5. Increase flexibility – by remaining flexible throughout this period, we have managed to maintain high levels of productivity in some critical areas of the business. Something that we know has been appreciated by those office-based team members working from home and juggling other commitments.

Most importantly, pick up the phone and connect with your team!

Working from home may seem like the ultimate dream for employees initially, but unspecified and long periods of time working in isolation from one room of the house can have adverse effects on your team member’s feeling of belonging and contribution.

A personal phone call lets them know that members of the business are thinking of them and they are still connected and valued.

As the covid-19 situation continues to evolve, we will continue to support our team and focus on our Covid Safe Plan, ensuring all our team members work safe and do everything we can to protect those around them, while delivering high quality line marking projects in Sydney, Brisbane and beyond.

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