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Marking the difference

With more than 30 years of experience delivering line marking projects, trust Kenex Stencils to deliver quality line marking on time and budget for your line marking services needs.

Kenex welcomes HI QUALITY LINEMARKING into its growing family

kenex, hi quality line marking, line marking
As part of our next phase of growth, we are honoured to be bringing HI QUALITY LINEMARKING into the Kenex family, strengthening our Queensland offering and taking the Kenex standard and reputation to more parts of the Sunshine State and beyond. This is an important...

The different grades of Long Life Coatings

The different grades of Long Life Coatings
Just like everything, you get what you pay for. This is also the case for paints, and in particular, long life line marking coatings. If you are going to invest in long life coatings, look for a company who has experience and has spent the required time to understand...

Traffic Management Plans – Your Questions Answered

Traffic Management Plans
“It is important to understand that the achievement of a safe site does not happen overnight. It is a journey that takes place over many iterations of risk assessment, control, and review.” – John, Traffic Management Consultant for Kenex Linemarking. What is the...

Planning for the year ahead: Reviewing your safety line marking as part of your due diligence

Reviewing your safety line marking as part of your due diligence
A lot has been said over the last couple of years about health and safety in the workplace, shining a light on all individuals, employers and employees, and the role they each play in taking personal responsibility for the safety and well-being of those around them....

How Seasonal Changes Can Impact Your Line Marking and How to Prepare

The weather can be a Linemarker’s best friend or worst enemy, and inclement weather conditions can make line marking a real challenge! The following seasonal conditions can all play havoc on line marking projects:- Rain If it’s raining or the forecast is predicting...

Is Your Inefficient Car Park Decreasing Valuable Sales?

Is Your Inefficient Car Park Decreasing Valuable Sales
With Christmas in sight and lockdown over, many shopping centres and malls will be bursting with patrons raring to shop, dine and be entertained. In an article published by the Herald Sun*, it was reported that a carpark in Melbourne is always so full there is no room...
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