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Marking the difference

With more than 30 years of experience delivering line marking projects, trust Kenex Stencils to deliver quality line marking on time and budget for your line marking services needs.

Your organisation’s profile can increase the likelihood of a serious injury claim

With October being National Safe Work Month in Australia, it’s an ideal time to assess the risks involved in serious injury in the workplace and consider whether your organisation’s profile places you in a category of higher risk in relation to a compensation claim....

Learning how to communicate and engage from afar

Learning how to communicate and engage from afar
We learned a lot about keeping in close contact with team members while being socially distanced from them. As many of them were either in lockdown, waiting for covid-19 test results or vaccination dates, they were forced to stay at home and not come to work, and so...

Don’t Leave Risk Mitigation and Compliance to Your Subcontractors!

Don’t Leave Risk Mitigation and Compliance to Your Subcontractors!
If you operate a business which is open to the public, it is your responsibility as the owner to ensure your business takes reasonable care for the safety of individuals at your place of operation. A public liability claim can be made when an accident occurs in a...

How Covid-19 has changed Line Marking

New trends emerging in the construction industry specifically related to Line Marking as a result of Covid-19 The COVID-19 pandemic came as a global sidewards swipe, being both challenging and tragic on so many levels for all. The health crisis has brought unexpected...

Environmentally Friendly and Food Safe Line Marking

If you are looking for line marking or demarcations which are environmentally friendly and safe to use around food and consumables, your common line marking paints and sealers may not fit the bill. If consumables are part of your operations, you may want to consider...

Common line marking mistakes

Common Line
When you have a line marking job to do, it is easy to think that almost anyone can do it. After all, it is just a process of placing a series of lines and words on the ground, isn’t it? The answer is no! Getting a line marking job right is so much more than this. It...
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