Just like everything, you get what you pay for. This is also the case for paints, and in particular, long life line marking coatings.

If you are going to invest in long life coatings, look for a company who has experience and has spent the required time to understand the product, its preparation and application, as well as the quality resins and colours used in the coatings and how to troubleshoot issues which may arise.

Long Life coatings look to bond to the substrate with a vengeance -that’s why they last – however, they don’t always agree with all substrate surfaces.

Kenex Linemarking has been working with Long Life line marking coatings for over two decades and can analyse surfaces to ensure we deliver the quality, finish and adhesion our customers require, guaranteeing our work for five years.

Removing the requirement to remark high traffic manufacturing work sites reduces our customers’ down time and long term costs by not having to continuously remark, and hence increasing productivity.

We can showcase many examples of our work which have stood the test of time and has exceeded our warranty period by over ten years in some cases! These includes works in carpark line marking and warehouse line marking throughout NSW and QLD.

We can also ensure you receive this same outcome for your next project and benefit from the quality outcomes the product is designed to deliver.

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