When you have a line marking job to do, it is easy to think that almost anyone can do it. After all, it is just a process of placing a series of lines and words on the ground, isn’t it? The answer is no! Getting a line marking job right is so much more than this. It needs careful planning and preparation, as well as expert skills and specific equipment, to ensure the job is completed correctly.

If you don’t choose an experienced company to undertake your line marking job, there are several common mistakes that can be made. These are:

  • Failure to clean and clear the site beforehand – it is crucial for the site to be prepared properly prior to commencing the line marking job, including clearing any debris, such as gravel, oil, rubbish and dirt. Failing to do so can lead to paint delamination over time, where the different layers of paint separate from one another.
  • Using incorrect paints/sealers – before you start a line marking job, it is necessary to consider the surface. Not all paints and sealers work for all surfaces. Using the wrong paint or sealer for the surface at your site may mean the paint does not adhere properly. For example, many oil-based paints are not suitable for asphalt. Also, some applications are going to be better for high traffic areas than others. Only an experienced line marking company will know which paints, sealers and applications are going to work perfectly on your site to meet your requirements.
  • Illegible text or numbers – many smaller or inexperienced operators don’t use quality stencils for their projects leading to text or numbers that are difficult to read. In some cases, even the spelling is incorrect. Illegible text and numbers can lead to confusion and ultimately, accidents and injuries which should be avoided at all times.
  • Applying a line marking solution that does not meet its purpose – every line marking job is designed for a specific reason and if the right application is not selected, the job may not meet its purpose. For example, sometimes markings aren’t sufficiently reflective due to the use of poor quality glass beads or use of the incorrect paint/sealant. Also, anti-skid / anti-slip line marking may not work because the beads have not been fully encapsulated in the paint, leading to the beads coming away easily on the surface. This will lead to loss of the skid rating. An experienced line marking company will have the expertise to ensure applications used meet the outcomes required.
  • Failure to make your site compliant – all line marking jobs should comply with Australian standards and industry best practice. Experienced line marking companies know the rules for line marking projects and how to guarantee your line marking job will be completed according to these.
  • Poor safety systems and insurances – sometimes less experienced operators don’t have the necessary work, health and safety (WHS) systems and insurances to complete line marking and road marking projects. This can expose the customer to major risks. Always check the insurances and WHS systems used by operators to ensure they have these important practices and protections in place.

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