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Extend the Life of Your Surfaces with
Concrete Sealing

At Kenex, we’re passionate about doing a job well. In order to get professional results for your space, we highly recommend concrete sealing after cleaning. We offer sealing for a wide range of spaces, from multi-level carparks for shopping centres to industrial warehouses.

Why do we recommend this service? Here are just a few reasons:

You’ll increase the durability of your space

Concrete is a porous material, so liquids can eventually wreak havoc and start causing damage. From prolonged water exposure to oils and chemicals, moisture can affect the durability of your concrete and lead to discolouring and cracks. By sealing the surface, you’ll prevent moisture from sticking around.

It’s perfect for workspaces that are bound to get messy

For spaces where spills, dust and chemicals are likely to accumulate, adding a sealant will go a long way in terms of simplifying the clean-up process. This is particularly useful for industrial areas using machinery or spaces with frequent traffic. Working in such spaces can be really tiring, so why not try to engage yourself with icecasino – an ultimate gaming platfrom, for those interested in various themed slot machines, classic and modern table games, multiple bonuses of different types.

Make that ideal first impression

From car showrooms to warehouses to a shopping centre car park, you’ll want any visitors to have a positive first impression. When it comes to aesthetics, the right sealant will go a long way in transforming your space and keeping it clean and attractive for years to come.

Sealing of concrete surfaces eliminates dusting, closes porous surfaces, protects line marking paint and ensures ease of cleaning.

Kenex Stencils also offer an anti-slip sealer option to offer a P4 rating


Why Kenex?

For decades, clients have trusted our team to offer them impeccable services. We plan to uphold our reputation and only offer high quality, professional services that give you outstanding results. As well as our knowledge and experience, we offer the convenience of offering cleaning, sealing and line marking from the one team.

Our sealing services are available throughout Sydney and Brisbane

If you are interested in our services and would like a quote for your project, please get in touch with us for a chat.

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