New trends emerging in the construction industry specifically related to Line Marking as a result of Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic came as a global sidewards swipe, being both challenging and tragic on so many levels for all. The health crisis has brought unexpected loss of life and severe economic impacts to so many industries.

What is has also brought is an acceleration into the future across pretty much all sectors of life as we latched on to new ways of going about our lives as safely as possible.

The construction industry, typically slow to change, has also had to adapt despite not being as severely impacted as other industries.

We have witnessed snap pivoting (COVID-19 has also brought about so many new catch phrases!) from the way things have traditionally been done to far safer and efficient process which have now been adopted for life.

Trends which have had an impact and are specifically related to the Line Marking industry include:

1. Increased demand for car park maintenance works

With fewer people physically visiting shopping centres and stores but rather choosing to shop online instead, a huge opportunity opened itself for facilities maintenance companies to get on top of their maintenance and take advantage of the minimal traffic in car parks.

2. Introduction of Click & Collect Bays

The introduction of Click & Collect parking bays was brought about as retailers and supermarkets catered to the growing market of online shoppers while supporting the need for contact-less food delivery. This has seen an explosion of restructuring of supermarket car parks.

3. The increase in delivery and pick up services

Food deliveries, delivery and pick up services, even drive through COVID-19 testing, have all required new and specific line marking applications.

4. Decreased use of public transport

From the onset of the pandemic, the use public transport has decreased while the use of private vehicles and ride sharing has increased across all capital cities in Australia as recorded by the University of Queensland:

This has lead to the assessment and maintenance of line marking across a number of key areas, not only in car parks.

5. Upgrades to School Facilities

Many schools upgraded their playgrounds and play areas while they have been closed to support social distancing amongst pupils. Traditional playground games such as hopscotch and snakes and ladders have been developed to become more interactive learning games with vibrant colours and designs.

Upgrades to student drop off zones as schools cater to the need for reduced contact between parents at drop off and pick up time have also come about.

6. Technological Developments

Developments in technology have clearly been the fundamental changes the World has seen come about since COVID-19.

Changes to onsite WHS inductions to become contactless and support social distancing, apps and on-line platforms to replace manual and paper processes, and digital systems for reporting to remove the need for gatherings have all broken through to even smaller Line Marking companies like our own.

The future vision we see for the Line Marking industry has now been enhanced through the lens of what we have adopted into our businesses in such a short time already.

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