Professional Industrial Concrete Cleaning in Brisbane and Sydney

In an industrial environment, floors receive some harsh punishment. From high traffic areas and machinery movement to large amounts of stock and possible chemical usage, your concrete will require some care to look and perform its best.

With over four decades of experience in the industry, we know concrete maintenance jobs come in all shapes and sizes. To cater to the varying needs of our clients, we provide a wide selection of services and applications to ensure your space looks exactly how you envisioned.

Before utilising our other services such as line marking and sealing, it’s important to first prepare the surface professionally to ensure quality, long lasting results.

To get the best outcome from our line marking, we require a properly prepared surface to provide the optimal key for bonding of our coatings.

Excessive dust, dirt and grime can mean that coatings are not bonding to the surface itself, but rather bonding to the loose matter which will compromise its longevity. Our line marking specialists will recommend the correct surface preparation for your particular application.

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We offer 4 cleaning methods to get a great result every time

Sweeping and Scrubbing

Sweeping and scrubbing is available in both Sydney and Brisbane and is particularly suited to new concrete surfaces where rubble and dust needs lifting before any further work can begin. Using quality equipment, we achieve great results without the use of chemicals. Our wet scrubber drops water onto the surface, cleans the area using nylex brushes and vacuums excess water for a spotless finish.

We can also provide this service for outdoor areas using pressure cleaning.

Shot Blasting

If your space is looking for an overhaul in terms of layout, or your coatings are simply outdated, we can strip them quickly and safely using our shot blasting method. Our machine blasts small pellets to effectively remove old coatings and prepare your concrete for new ones.

This method is highly recommended as it saves time and costs compared to other removal procedures and offers the benefit of promoting excellent bonding of your new coating that will extend its lifespan.


For small projects or hard to reach areas, it may not be effective to bring in our larger machines and a simple grinder will do. We can scuff the surface and quickly prepare the surface for a brand new coating.

Remember, once your space has been properly cleaned and prepared, sealing your concrete can help maintain these results and protect against future stains.

Cleaning & Sanitising

We have sourced high-grade disinfectant products designed to use in conjunction with our mechanical sweeper scrubbers, and our fleet of ride on Nilfisk machines are the latest technology with scrubbing brushes which ensure each inch of surface is accessed.

Our machines are rotated and serviced on a regular basis to ensure optimal functionality and results, and to ensure that they remain safe and compliant themselves.

We’re here to help

If you’re unsure which method will work best for what you need, or you’d like to talk more about the benefits of our services, we’re happy to help. To get in touch, please complete our contact form or call us on 1300 536 391.

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