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Nepean Motor Group, Penrith

Client name:
Nepean Motor Group


Job scope:
The car lot at Penrith was in need of a remark which included standard car bays, the remarking of the car bay numbers and various other line marking components, such as directional arrows and stenciled signage. This was a simple job with relatively standard requirements in terms of the client’s line marking needs. According to Helen Beard, Financial Controller at Nepean Motor Group, Penrith, the area “looked dull and was in need of some TLC”. Upon inspection, we could see that the lines were in need of a remark.

Project outcome:
Upon completion, Helen Beard of Nepean Motor Group noted that the line marked area benefitted from a “renewed and fresh outlook on what used to look like a tired area, clear markings for our customers to follow and ease of our staff to issue directions”.

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