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Since 1977, Kenex Stencils have been offering their prompt, high quality line marking, sweeping and scrubbing, industrial concrete cleaning and concrete sealing services across Sydney and Brisbane.

With a focus on safety line marking for car parks, schools and roads, we believe in delivering exceptional customer service, a top job and quick turnaround, every time. Simply browse our range of services, find the right one for your upcoming project and get in touch with expert team at Kenex by calling 1300 536 391.

It’s as simple as that!

  • Line Marking

    Line Marking

  • Hardware


  • Concrete Sealing


  • Surfacte Preparation


Line Marking

Kenex Stencils completes all types of line marking projects from small car parks to major shopping centres, residential basements and industrial factory demarcations.

Our specialty is long life, high friction, anti-skid coating. These coatings are highly durable with the ability to withstand high traffic movements including heavy machinery such as forklifts. This makes the product ideal in factory environments where standard line marking often fails.

It is also fast drying and trafficable within one hour reducing company downtime and requirement to continuously remark.

1. Decorative/Speciality Line Marking

At Kenex Stencils, we love the jobs which most other line markers don’t. Specialised demarcations are a welcomed challenge for our team and we strive to be leaders in innovation in the line marking space!

2. Long Life Line Marking

Our range of Long Life Life Cold Applied Plastic (CAP) Line Marking paints/coatings are ideal for applications which require longevity and performance. It is ideal for high traffic areas such as roads and factories. Kenex Stencils is an exclusive licensee for our range of CAP products, ensuring quality control and supply.

Benefits in using CAP include:-
  1. Designed in Australia for Australian climates
  2. Optimum skid ratings
  3. Durable & Long Lasting – 5-year life expectancy
  4. UV stability
  5. Colour fastness up upon application
  6. Ability to withstand harsh conditions

Used with high quality beads, CAP offers high rteflectivity ideal for markings required to be visible after dark, and at the same time can be used in decorative applications.
If you’re looking for a coating product that will reduce costs and lengthy down times, our Cold Applied Plastic range can offer tailored solutions whilst being safety compliant at the same time.

  1. Factory Environments
  2. Safety Markings – Public Spaces
  3. Council Works
  4. Decorative / Specialty Line Marking (Long Life)

Hardware & Concrete Sealing

Surface Prepration

a) Mechanical Sweeping & Wet Scrubbing

At Kenex, we offer a comprehensive range of services. To prepare your concrete surface, we offer sweeping and scrubbing, industrial concrete sealing and mechanical surface cleaning across Sydney and Brisbane. This particularly benefits new concrete surfaces such as basements where builder’s rubble and dust needs lifting.

We can then mechanically wet scrub the surface to leave it dirt and dust free in preparation for line marking and/or concrete sealing. Our wet scrubber drops water onto the surface, cleans with rotation nylex brushes, then vacuums excess water with a squeegee vacuum. This process eliminates costs associated with chemical purchases and reduces water wastage.

For outdoor applications, we also offer pressure washing to remove lichen, algae, and other dirt leaving the surface clean and with a slight key for optimum bonding of line marking paint/coating.

b) Shot Blasting

This method of surface preparation uses small pellets shot and blasted from the machine to remove redundant coatings, and etch the surface for new. This method is cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

The process is labour and time-saving as it strips, cleans and profiles simultaneously, leaving the surface immediately prepared for the application of new coatings or overlays. It eliminates dry time and costly disposal procedures associated with other methods. Shot blasting is a preferred method of preparation and is recommended by many coating manufacturers. It produces excellent bonding characteristics that promote maximum floor life and reduced coating failure.

c) Grinding

Grinding is another surface preparation method we used approptriate for smaller projects, areas difficult to reach with a shot blasting machine, and for applications which require a minor scuff to ready the surface for new coating.

Enquire About Our Concrete Sealing Today

Whether you live in Sydney or Brisbane, we offer complete basement packages including cleaning, sweeping and scrubbing, line marking and industrial concrete sealing to ensure all your needs are met.

To discuss your options with the experts from Kenex, simply get in touch with us today.

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