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Marking the difference

We have a fleet of over 15 vehicles including vans and utes. These vehicles are individually customised to ensure they can carry all required materials, line marking stencils and tools to conduct jobs effectively and efficiently.

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Supply and Installation of Car Park Hardware

  • Speed humps / calming cushions
  • Bollards – core holed or base plate mounted
  • Pedestrian bars
  • Bike racks
  • Rubber wheel stops
  • Concrete wheel stops
  • Heavy-duty truck wheel stops
  • Signage – car park and traffic signage
  • Downpipe protectors
  • Corner guards
  • Mirrors
  • Safety barriers
  • hardware
  • hardware

Equipment – all owned and fully serviced by Kenex Stencils


At Kenex Stencils we have a fleet of over 15 vehicles including vans and utes. These vehicles are individually customised to ensure they can carry all required materials, stencils and tools to conduct jobs effectively and efficiently. Every vehicle has safety equipment on board including first aid kits, spill kits, toolboxes and firefighting equipment.

We have specialised trailers in a range of sizes for different applications which means we can access areas that other line marking services can’t. We also have a custom-designed long life van with a built-in generator, 240V power and task lighting which means we have the ability to run tools and lighting even in remote areas.

Line Marking Machinery

Kenex Stencils has a fleet of Atomex 1 & 2-gun line marking machines.

We choose Atomex line marking machines for the following reasons:

  1. Atomex is owned and manufactured in Australia
  2. They have an experienced, local service centre
  3. They are reliable and hardworking machines without complicated electronic components.

We always carry two machines to every job site as well as minor repair equipment in case there is a fault whilst on the job.

Kenex Stencils also has:

  1. A Grayco laser line 2-gun line marking machine with bead box added to a Grayco Line Driver. For larger projects, our Line Driver can be driven by one of our experienced line marking operators to produce quality long lines on roads.
  2. 3 x Cold Applied Sprayable (CAP) twin-pump machines – two of these can be used with the Grayco Line Driver.
Other equipment
  1. Dedicated sealer ute with a pressure washer
  2. A vehicle with sealer spraying and pressure washing equipment on board
  3. Sweeper/Scrubbers:
    1. 2 x Nilfisk CS7010 LPG ride-on sweeper/scrubbers
    2. 1 x Fimap IMX50B walk-behind scrubber-dryer
  4. Grinders and scarifiers
  5. Industrial vacuum cleaners
  6. Industrial hand tools for hardware installations
  7. Generators for areas without electricity.

With more than 30 years in the line-marking industry, Kenex Stencils has custom line marking stencils in most sizes – and what we don’t have, we can have made for you at short notice.

Products Used

There are three types of products used mainly by Kenex Stencils:

  1. Dulux Roadmaster A1 – chlorinated rubber
  2. Dulux Roadmaster waterborne (WB2)
  3. Long-life Cold Applied Plastic (CAP).

Each of these is explained in more detail below:

Dulux Roadmaster A1

This product is a single pack, fast-dry coating based on a durable alkyd modified chlorinated rubber resin. It can be applied to concrete and bitumen surfaces without bleeding or discolouration, providing clean lines of high visibility.

It is recommended for marking roadways, car park line marking and pavements where long term durability is required. As a result, it is popular for shopping centres, factory and warehouse floors and is highly sought by government departments, councils, schools and hospitals.

Roadmaster A1 lines may be beaded to improve night visibility by dispersing suitable glass beads onto the wet applied paint at the rate of 2kg of bead to every 4 litres of paint.


Dulux Roadmaster WB2

WB2 is a fast-dry water-borne road marking paint based on the durable acrylic emulsion. It can be applied to concrete and bitumen surfaces without bleeding or discolouration, providing clean lines of high visibility. It is best used for car parks, multi-storey car parks, factory floors, retail complexes and road infrastructure.


Long-life Cold Applied Plastic (CAP)– Roll Grade, Sprayable & Top Coat

Cold Applied Plastics (CAP) is a multi-component coating used in areas where durability and extra-long life are required. This product is quick to apply and cures fast (causing minimal disruptions). It has a lifetime of approximately five years in high traffic areas.

CAP is an elastic, waterproof methacrylate resin compound specially formulated for application to various surfaces. It has great bead retention properties and can be re-coated with water-based paint if required.

Roll Grade CAP is cured by the addition of a controlled amount of hardener powder. As a base coat for use on bitumen, metal, timber and primed concrete surfaces it provides a tough, waterproof, flexible aggregate holding coat for skid-resistant surfaces.

Long Life CAP to be applied by experienced applicators only

CAP application requires very specialised equipment and should only be applied by qualified and experienced professionals as once it is on the ground, it is very difficult to remove and can be very costly to fix. It is therefore important to choose a business that can demonstrate their level of experience in the product and its application.

The way we work at Kenex Stencils

At Kenex Stencils we provide a guarantee on all our work, whether it is concrete sealing in Brisbane, line marking or any other. If there is ever an issue with our work, we ensure it is corrected as soon as possible and to our customer’s expectations.

We place a lot of focus on ensuring our teams have all the safety training and equipment they require to operate safely and compliantly. Each team member receives an extensive induction prior to working on any of our sites.

Kenex Stencils has a zero-tolerance policy in relation to drugs and alcohol within our organisation.

It is also important to highlight:

  1. Kenex Stencils’ continuous improvement DNA
  2. Through experience, we know our customers’ pain points
  3. We offer a seamless one-stop solution for our customers.

Common problems encountered by hiring an inexperienced line marker

  1. Poor or non-existent surface preparation resulting in the delamination of paint
  2. Inability to obtain the required correct slip rating or compliance
  3. Accidents/incidents/Work Health and Safety audits
  4. No guarantees on work completed
  5. Failure to make your site compliant
  6. Inferior or incorrect paint/sealer and products that do not last
  7. Inconsistent markings
  8. Bad stencils which provide illegible text or numbers
  9. Anti-skid/anti-slip line marking that does not perform its purpose e.g. beads not fully encapsulated in the paint leading to the beads coming away easily and the loss of the skid rating
  10. Markings which aren’t sufficiently reflective due to poor quality glass beads or incorrect application
  11. Risks arising from the engagement of line markers who don’t have correct insurances in place, lack safety control systems or are unable to provide compliance with standards and guidelines
  12. Risks from using smaller operators and subcontractors who can’t complete schedules.


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