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Surface Preparation

Kenex Stencils is marking the difference

We sweep and scrub, sanitise, pressure wash, shot blast and grind to deliver high-quality surface preparation to our customers.

Surface Preparation

Mechanical Sweeping/Scrubbing

In an industrial environment, floors receive some harsh punishment. From high traffic areas and machinery movement to large amounts of stock and possible chemical usage, your concrete will require some care to look and perform its best.

With over four decades of experience in the industry, we know concrete maintenance jobs come in all shapes and sizes. To cater to the varying needs of our customers, we provide a wide selection of services and applications to ensure your space looks exactly how you envisioned.

Before utilising our sealing and line marking services, it is important to first prepare the surface professionally to ensure quality, long-lasting results.

To achieve the best outcome from your line marking service in Sydney, we require a properly prepared surface to provide ensure optimal bonding of our line marking paints and coatings.

Excessive dust, dirt grime, and lichen can mean that coatings do not bond to the surface itself, but rather bond to the loose matter which will compromise its longevity. Our line marking specialists will recommend the correct surface preparation for your particular application or line marking project.

Sweeping and scrubbing are available in Sydney, Brisbane, Central Coast, Newcastle & The Hunter Region and surrounding areas. It is particularly suited to new concrete surfaces where rubble and dust need lifting before any further work can begin. Using only quality equipment, we achieve top-tier results without the use of chemicals. Our wet scrubber drops water onto the surface, cleans the area using Nynex brushes and then vacuums excess water for a spotless finish.

For particularly stubborn tyre rubber stains, we offer an upgrade to include an industrial-grade water-based agent that can remove those stubborn stains prior to a wet scrub. The agent is natural and environmentally friendly.

  1. At Kenex we don’t use subcontractors to provide our cleaning services. This way we can guarantee our workmanship, be in total control and responsible with regards to the timing of jobs to work within your schedule all without compromising on quality. It also means we have the capacity internally to be flexible and remain ‘fluid’ for our customers changing needs.
  2. We own, operate, and maintain our own sweeper/scrubbers.
  3. We have 2 x latest technology Nilfisk ride-on sweeper/scrubbers & 1 x Nilfisk walk-behind for those smaller harder to access areas.
  4. Two machines mean we have 1 ready and on standby for any unforeseen circumstances. Giving you peace of mind and confidence      to trust Kenex Stencils as your surface preparation and line marking service partner.
  5. Our machines are used for both indoor & outdoor applications
  6. We do not need to use chemicals
  7. Industrial strength upgrade option using a natural and environmentally friendly agent successfully removes tyre rubber staining.

Old, faded lines, lichen, in-ground dirt, grease or the likes on your surface? All of these will compromise the longevity of any new line marking paint going over the top.

If you are remarking existing lines, pressure washing is an ideal option. It will easily remove old and flaking existing line marking and any contaminants.

The risk of not removing the above is that the new coating will bond to loose items and will then come off with them.

The best surface for any line marking is a clean one, with an ‘etch’ for the line-marking paint to bite to and hence adhere with.

Pressure washing is also used in areas where the scrubber can’t reach e.g. around columns and in corners.
  1. Unlike other line marking companies in Sydney, Kenex doesn't use subcontractors to provide our pressure washing services. This way we can guarantee our work, be in total control of your project and work within your schedule all without compromising on quality. It also means we have the capacity to be flexible and remain ‘fluid’ if your needs change.
  2. We own, operate, and maintain our pressure washing equipment.
  3. Pressure washing equipment is fixed to the back of one of our Kenex vehicles which make for easy transport & the ability to respond quickly to your needs.

If your site or space is looking for an overhaul in terms of layout, or your line marking coatings are simply outdated, we can strip them quickly and safely using our shot blasting method. Our machine blasts small pellets to effectively remove old coatings and prepare your concrete for new ones.

This method is highly recommended as it saves time and costs compared to other removal procedures and offers the benefit of promoting excellent bonding for your new coating that will extend its lifespan.

  1. Shot blasting/grinding is the best surface preparation for Long-Life Line Marking Coatings
  2. More time-efficient than grinding for larger areas

For small projects or hard to access areas, it may not be effective to bring in our larger machines and a simple grinder will do. We can scuff the surface and quickly prepare it for a brand new coating.

  1. Grinding/Shot blasting is the best surface preparation for Long Life Line-Marking/Coatings
  2. We own and operate our range of grinders & scarifiers
  3. We attach industrial vacuum cleaners to our grinders that capture of dust from grinding. A simple vacuum after this process removes the balance of dust remaining on the surface ensuring it is now ready for line marking/coating.
  • Surface Preparation
  • Surface Preparation
  • Surface Preparation
  • Surface Preparation
  • Surface Preparation
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