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Line Marking

Kenex Stencils completes all types of line marking projects from small car parks to major shopping centres, residential basements, industrial warehouses and factory demarcations.

We have been operating for over 30 years which means we not only have the experience that comes with that length of time, but also the industry knowledge, development of regulations and standards, and we have relationships with many of the key players within the industry.

Our customer base is vast, many of which are repeat customers, remaining loyal as they know they can rely on our delivery of quality and outcome, the removal of their line marking issues, and value for their investment.

We place high emphasis on training our team and empowering them to be the best in the business!

Products Used

There are three types of products used mainly by Kenex.

  1. Dulux Roadmaster A1 - Chlorinated Rubber
  2. Dulux Roadmaster Waterborne (Wb2)
  3. Long Life Cold Applied Plastic (Cap)

Dulux Roadmaster A1

It is a single pack, fast dry coating based on a durable alkyd modified chlorinated rubber resin.

It may be applied to concrete and bitumen surfaces without bleeding or discolouration, providing clean lines of high visibility.

It is particularly recommended for marking roadways, car parks and pavements where long term durability is required, typically in shopping centres, factory and warehouse floors and is designed to be of special interest to government departments, councils, schools and hospitals.

ROADMASTER A1 lines may be beaded to improve night visibility by dispersing suitable glass beads onto the wet applied paint at the rate of 2 kg of bead to every 4 litres of paint.

Dulux Roadmaster A1

Dulux Roadmaster Wb2

WB2 is a fast-dry water borne road marking paint based on durable acrylic emulsion and can be applied to concrete and bitumen surfaces without bleeding or discolouration, providing clean lines of high visibility.

It is best used on carparks, factory floors, multi-storey carparks, retail complexes and road infrastructure.

Dulux Roadmaster Wb2

Long Life Cold Applied Plastic (Cap)– Roll Grade, Sprayable & Top Coat

Cold Applied Plastics (CAP) is a multi-component coating used in areas where durability and extra-long life are required. It is quick to apply and quick to cure (thus causing minimal disruptions) and has a lifetime of around five years in high traffic areas.

CAP requires very specialised equipment and should only be applied by qualified and experienced people as once on the ground it is difficult to remove. CAP has great bead retention properties and can be re-coated with water-based paint if required.

It is an elastic, waterproof methacrylate resin compound especially formulated for application to various surfaces. Roll Grade is cured by the addition of a controlled amount of hardener powder. As a base coat for use on bitumen, metal, timber and primed concrete surfaces it provides a tough, waterproof, flexible aggregate holding coat for skid resistant surfaces.

Problem Solving Offered by Kenex Stencils

Making sites safe and compliant There are now a number of Australian Standards and Guidelines around line marking in car parks and public places. This is now required for certification on new building sites and in council spaces. A car park not complying to Australian Standards may not pass certification and can hold up the completion of a building site. Using a professional line marker with the experience and knowledge of requirements will ensure you are compliant.

Risk mitigation is of huge concern for many of our corporate customers, particularly ones who have moving plant in close proximity to employees and the public. Ensuring your site is compliant won’t necessarily protect and safeguard from claims, however, it will assist by:-

  1. Keeping plant and people separated within safe distances
  2. Provide easily recognisable demarcations
  3. Providing pedestrians with safe walkways to keep them in safe zones
  4. Make like markings as highly reflective as possible so they are visible in all weather and lighting conditions
  5. Make pedestrian areas anti-slip & anti-skid which is particularly important in wet-weather conditions, preventing slips & falls
  6. Providing guidelines for trucks in loading docks and distribution centres
  7. Providing hazard warnings by marking stair treads, raised edges and gutters
Making sites more orderly which can:-
  1. Assist with logistics & efficiencies
  2. Provide safety in multi-directional car parks
  3. Fit in more parking spaces if properly planned
  4. Provide additional instructions to motorist

We warrant our work – if there is ever an issue with our work, we ensure it is corrected in good time for our customer’s time frame

We place a lot of focus on ensuring our teams have all the safety training and equipment they require to operate safely and compliantly. We have developed an extensive induction process for each new team member prior to them actually working on any of our work sites.

We have a zero tolerance towards drugs and alcohol within our organisation.


  1. Our continuous improvement DNA
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