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Line Marking Australia-wide

Kenex Stencils is marking the difference

With more than 40 years of experience delivering line marking projects, trust Kenex Stencils to deliver quality line marking on time and budget for your line marking services needs.

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Line Marking

Kenex Stencils completes all types of line marking projects from small car parks to major shopping centres, residential basements, industrial warehouses and factory demarcations.

We have been operating for over 30 years which means we not only have the experience that comes with that length of time, but also the industry knowledge, development of regulations and standards, and we have relationships with many of the key players within the industry.

Our customer base is vast, many of which are repeat customers, remaining loyal as they know they can rely on our delivery of quality and outcome, the removal of their line marking issues, and value for their investment.

We place high emphasis on training our team and empowering them to be the best in the business!

At Kenex Stencils we provide a guarantee on all our work, whether it is concrete sealing in Brisbane, line marking or any other. If there is ever an issue with our work, we ensure it is corrected as soon as possible and to our customer’s expectations.

We place a lot of focus on ensuring our teams have all the safety training and equipment they require to operate safely and compliantly. Each team member receives an extensive induction prior to working on any of our sites.

Kenex Stencils has a zero-tolerance policy in relation to drugs and alcohol within our organisation.

It is also important to highlight:
  1. Kenex Stencils’ continuous improvement DNA
  2. Through experience, we know our customers’ pain points
  3. We offer a seamless one-stop solution for our customers.

  1. Poor or non-existent surface preparation resulting in the delamination of paint
  2. Inability to obtain the required correct slip rating or compliance
  3. Accidents/incidents/Work Health and Safety audits
  4. No guarantees on work completed
  5. Failure to make your site compliant
  6. Inferior or incorrect paint/sealer and products that do not last
  7. Inconsistent markings
  8. Bad stencils which provide illegible text or numbers
  9. Anti-skid/anti-slip line marking that does not perform its purpose e.g. beads not fully encapsulated in the paint leading to the beads coming away easily and the loss of the skid rating
  10. Markings which aren’t sufficiently reflective due to poor quality glass beads or incorrect application
  11. Risks arising from the engagement of line markers who don’t have correct insurances in place, lack safety control systems or are unable to provide compliance with standards and guidelines
  12. Risks from using smaller operators and subcontractors who can’t complete schedules.
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