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EV Charging Bays

With more support being directed towards Electric Vehicles (EVs) as the world moves towards more eco-friendly solutions in a bid to lower carbon emissions, car parks all over Australia are introducing public EV charging bays – parking spots reserved for electric vehicles to be able to park and charge their vehicles while the owner runs errands. These are popping up in shopping centres, public car parks and workplace car parks throughout NSW, QLD and VIC.

Like any other type of dedicated parking bay, users of these spots require clear signage and a way for all drivers to easily identify what they’ve been installed for. There are no standards when it comes to what type of logo should be used, so it has been an interesting process to work through with clients and those who have been early to adopt the emerging trend.

The team at Kenex recommends bold colours that stand out in a highly visible, long life product, such as our Cold Applied Plastic paint to ensure durability given the high demand and usage for these spots. Electric vehicles are reportedly heavier than internal combustion engine vehicles as well, so a long life product will ensure longer wear compared to a standard line marking paint. It is also recommended that you conduct a safety audit to ensure the location of your EV charging bays do not pose a risk to pedestrians who may try to cut-through the area and potentially trip on the charging cables. Your Traffic Management Plan should take this into account and direct pedestrian traffic away from these bays.

We commend anyone taking active steps to “go green” and bring about environmentally friendly change to their car parks while promoting this positive message to their car pack users and our team looks forward to implementing more EV Charging bays over the coming years.

  • EV Charging Bays
  • EV Charging Bays
  • EV Charging Bays
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  • EV Charging Bays

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