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Long Life Line Marking

We use a range of Long Life Life Cold Applied Plastic (CAP) Line Marking paints/coatings which are ideal for applications requiring longevity and performance.

They are ideal for high traffic areas such as road intersections and factories where they have the ability to withstand high traffic movements and heavy machinery such as forklifts.

Benefits in using CAP include:-
  1. Designed in Australia for Australian climates
  2. Optimum skid ratings
  3. Durable & Long Lasting – 5-year life expectancy
  4. Fast drying and trafficable within one hour
  5. Reduces production downtime and the need to continuously remark
  6. UV stability
  7. Colour fastness up upon application
  8. Ability to withstand harsh conditions

Used with high quality beads, CAP offers high reflectivity ideal for markings required to be visible after dark, and at the same time can be used in decorative applications.

Long Life CAP to be used by Experienced Applicators Only

High level of experience is required to apply CAP as it can fail and be very costly for the customer and the applicator to fix. It is crucial that you chose an applicator that can demonstrate their level of experience in the product, its application, and troubleshooting.

Kenex has been using and applying CAP products since it’s early introduction into Australia, and has been involved at the development stages along the way so have a large and vast knowledge bank arounds this product.

  • Long Life Line Marking
  • Long Life Line Marking
  • Long Life Line Marking
  • Long Life Line Marking
  • Long Life Line Marking
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