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Experienced in sealing services, products and equipment, Kenex Stencils offer best-in-class co-polymer sealer for concrete surfaces. Sealing your concrete can help maintain and protect your surface.

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Kenex Stencils has been delivering sealing services for many years and offers substantial experience in sealing products and equipment. We have worked with our sealer manufacturer to offer the best co-polymer sealer for concrete surfaces to:

  1. Eliminate dusting concrete
  2. Close porous surfaces from damage and staining
  3. Protect line marking paint
  4. Increase ease of cleaning
  5. Improve aesthetics by providing a semi-sheen finish.

We’ve even gone one step further to facilitate the development of an anti-slip sealer which is certified to meet a P4 rating.

Once your space has been properly cleaned and prepared, sealing your concrete can help maintain these results and protect against future stains.

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Our Sealing packages can also offer:
  1. Coloured sealers
  2. Epoxy coatings.

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